Pictures of Everything and anything I want to post.
women, places, people, stupid, funny, interesting, great photography...etc

Out of all of Gods' creations women have to be th e most beautiful, intruguing, hateful, wonderful, most addictive, mysterious, coniving, honest, lying creatures on the planet and yes.....I am addicted.

I am a musician, college degreed sound engineer and classical guitarist. I own a recording studio and love to draw. I own two beagles Thor and Beth (yes I am a KISS fan), I love tactical shooting and competitons, and feel I am not absolutely repulsive to look at. easy going, love to laugh and have a Monty Python, Robin Williams sense of hunour. I broke my neck a few years ago and it has been a long road back. I have got to where I can hold my camera for extended periods now and I can play music again but not without diffuculty. I hope I continue to improve and can tour more than I am now. Ask me anything you want to know and there is no reason to hide or get someone else to ask me(wink, wink) and last but not least I'M SINGLE LADIES!!!

23rd April 2012